Affiliate Marketing

Why is our programme so profitable for affiliates?

Our free and very simple registration process combined with our optimized landing pages enable us to score a very high conversion rate which results in an attractive pay out for our affiliates even without any immediate sale. In addition, our pay-to-bid system encourages multiple purchases from our customers for each of which our affiliate get paid. Oopad offers £3 commission per lead and up to 15% commission on Oopad sales which means a CPA up to £75 for each tracked transaction.


How do penny auctions work?

These auctions consist in a pay per bid auction system. More precisely, each user who registers is granted free credits to bid (the credits are called “Oopad”) to test our service. If he wants to keep on participating to our special auctions, he needs to buy more bids. When a user bids, the auction price rises by 1 penny and a countdown starts (from 30secs to 2 mins). If there is no further bid the user wins the auction and can buy the item at the displayed price. Our service is the perfect mix between pure e-commerce and gaming that provides our users with an amazing new buying experience, made of excitement and incredible bargains.

 This way, users can get huge discounts on very attractive items. In average, Oopad users who win an auction save more than 90% of the retail Price. For instance, Apple MacBook Pro Retina can be bought for less than £50 (last time it was £40.99, retail price: £1115) and a PS4 for less than £20 (£16.63 last time, market price: £375). We reach different segments of customers from high-tech lovers to “housewives” seeking state-of-the-art electrical goods or kids’ gifts. We offer a wide range of popular products.


Here are just some of the reasons to promote the programme …

  • £3 commission per activated user
  • Up to 15 % commission on Oopad sales
  • 30 day validation period
  • 30 Day Cookie
  • Full Set of Creatives
  • Experienced penny auction site since 2009
  • Leading penny auction site in France experiencing sustained growth
  • Strong European presence and reputation
  • Continued International expansion

Here is an example of banners we use: 



We also provide our affiliates with high-performance e-mail kits for mailing campaigns.

Oopad landing page

We always do our best to make our landing page appealing, dynamic and user-friendly. When a user clicks on a banner or an e-mail kit, he is redirected to our Free registration/sign up page.

If our affiliates ask us to or if it is more suitable for certain media, we can also redirect users to our Auction page.


What makes Oopad successful makes affiliates successful!

  • Free membership – no hidden charges
  • 3 free Oopads on membership activation
  • High activation rate
  • Auctions open from 8:00 to 23:00, 7 days a week
  • A range of Oopad packs
  • 90 day refund on unused Oopads
  • Oopad auctions
  • Risk free bidding
  • Always brand new products
  • Autobids
  • Free Oopads for referring friends
  • Free shipping
  • Useful How It Works videos
  • Simulated auctions
  • Excellent customer service line (this does not process sales)

Join the Network and be part of our success.

If you are interested in promoting, click on the Contact button below and we will get back to you very soon.

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If you have any questions about our Affiliate Programme, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are standing by to answer any questions and provide you further information!

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Won by Shurun
yesterday, 1h43 PM
17.66 €
value 99 €
Vacuuming Robot
Vacuuming Robot
Won by duepeac
yesterday, 1h26 PM
22.10 €
value 399 €
Bosch- Box 83 Tools
Bosch- Box 83 Tools
Won by Super57
last Monday, 12h50 PM
7.82 €
value 59 €
Bosch Cordless Drill/Driver
Bosch Cordless Drill/Driver
Won by jicaf4349
last Saturday, 5h58 PM
9.24 €
value 99 €
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