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I cannot connect, what should I do?

You have to be registered and connected to participate to auctions. The form you have to fill in to register is at the top of pages.

If you cannot connect:

What browser do you use?

Can you see a red failure notice informing you that you have failed to connect?
Beware, you must indicate your EMAIL ADDRESS in the first box, not your username.

- If so, proceed to a recovery of your password with the link / If the service fails to locate your address, then you must have registered through Facebook. Then, click the "Facebook Connect" logo at the top of the page.
Last possibility, you miswrote your email address when you first registered.

- If not, go there:
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- To finish with, if no solution worked out, it means this is a cookie issue; Please follow the procedure you will find on this page: and try again to connect.

Please check that your cookies are enabled on your browser, as it is a necessary condition to use the website

Do not hesitate to contact us again if the issue is not solved.

What is ? is an innovative e-commerce website allowing you to place bids on brand new products and get them at trivial prices, without any risk.

Indeed, you can leave an auction at any time if you use the "Buy it now" option and buy the product at its public price. We then refund you with the Oopad Credits you spent.

Auctions start at 0,00€. Every time you use an Oopad Credit and click on "I bid", the countdown timer resets and the price of the product gets 1 cents of euro higher. If noone bids during the countdown, you get the right to buy the product at the price it reached.

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Won by Shurun
yesterday, 1h43 PM
17.66 €
value 99 €
Vacuuming Robot
Vacuuming Robot
Won by duepeac
yesterday, 1h26 PM
22.10 €
value 399 €
Bosch- Box 83 Tools
Bosch- Box 83 Tools
Won by Super57
last Monday, 12h50 PM
7.82 €
value 59 €
Bosch Cordless Drill/Driver
Bosch Cordless Drill/Driver
Won by jicaf4349
last Saturday, 5h58 PM
9.24 €
value 99 €
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